The Dirty Girl Catches the Worm

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I wished for a great picture for my blog for Mothers Day.  While we were fishing, I asked my 2 year old dirty girl if there were any more worms in the bucket.  Wish granted.  Unfortunately, I was too busy giggling hysterically to catch the one of her kissing a fish.  Probably just as well to avoid the fan mail from PETA and Good Clean Parents.

The sacrificial worms were acquired as I dug up rocks in the yard- a daily activity due to a glacier pausing at our house to enjoy the view.  What do you find when you look under a rock?  Grubs.  Slugs.  Salamanders.  Millipedes.  And Worms.  

The Dirty Girls love the worms. 

They nurture the worms like baby dolls, wrapping them up in leaves and offering them milk. The situation caused me to create some rules.   

I started with these three Rules for Worms:
  1.  No worms in the house.   Worms want to sleep in their moist, dark dirt houses.
  2.  No feeding worms milk.  Worms just eat dirt.
  3.  It is hard to tell a worm's lips from his tushie, so don't kiss a worm.

 The worms were suffering some injustices, so I was forced to add:
     4.   No giving worms baths.   Worm mommies like to keep their babies dirty.  Like your mommy.
     5.   No worms camping in your backpack.  They like fresh air.
     6.   Only give the worms gentle hugs.  More gentle, please. Okay, no hugging worms.

Recognizing my Dad had raised a dirty girl, I asked if he would add any rules.  He added:
     7.     Worms are slimy.  Wash your hands when you are done playing.

Gross.  Washing hands did not make my rules list until May (and it has been a long spring).  The Dirty Girls win again. 


  1. You are a dirty girl indeed! I never have and never will play with worms! Love this post and glad you are raising some fearless girls!

    1. Note to self: Add "Play with worms" to bucket list.

  2. Oh this is so funny! I love that you had to make a "no feeding worms milk" rule. Hilarious! :)

    1. It would only be funny if it weren't so true! But I felt worse for the worms getting swaddled.

  3. I could so see you mouthing the words "dirty girls" as I read this. I used to try to "save" all the worms after it rained:( I still catch myself doing it. You are a great writer and an even better mommy!

    1. I love the vision of you running across the driveway picking up limp, waterlogged worms. Do they go right to the dirt patch or is there a rehabilitation center?


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