Stuff I Like to Geek Out About

I was scrolling through old pictures today looking for a certain picture of a mushroom, and it occurred to me that I like a bunch of totally random stuff. You may call it "eclectic" or just cut to the chase and call it geeky... but with this many things that interest me, I'm rarely bored.

Things I like to learn about in no particular order...

Shells (I have another box too)

Butterflies  (& tangentially butterfly gardens)

Gardening (and making zucchini bread when the harvest is good. And taking pictures of my harvest shaped like smiley faces. Also, have you eaten zucchini flowers before?)



Cows (And statues of cows)

Lichens *totally different from mushrooms, but equally weird
Birds (also birds on things. It just always cracks me up when a pigeon lands on a statue's head)

Trees & Identifying trees. Also trees that have grown around things/eaten things/overcome things. Nature amazes. 

Chances are there will be poems, articles, or picture books with these topics at some point in my career.


  1. There is nothing on your list that I don't geek out about as well except gardening. I'm just not a gardener. When I was a kid, my mother made fried squash blossoms for us. I imagine they taste much the same as zucchini blossoms. Thanks for a fun post. Some great ideas for poems here.

    1. Yes, it is so weird, but the blossoms taste the same as fried zucchini! I should probably be out there picking some now...

  2. Replies
    1. I love the phrase "geek aesthetic!" I just hope that aesthetic leads to a book one day with you illustrating:)


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