Self-Deprecating Dots

International Dot Day encourages kids to "make their mark." Any mark will do. It's unique. It's you. 

When it comes to making my mark, I like to be funny. Often this is a self-deprecating humor, or said another way, I celebrate laughing with myself at myself!

For instance, I nearly threw out my back yesterday. See, I despise doing dishes. So I put on music. And a funky fresh song came on. And some twerking-while-drying occurred. Everyone knows moving around the room with a plate in the air works significantly better than a dish towel alone. 

You only know the twerking is working when it hurts a little, and my twerkin’ was workin’. So…. The dishes are done, and I have a heating pad on my back. And in honor of this laughable occasion I give you “Dancing Dish Dot.”

Another time, I indulged in my favorite naughty treat. TACO BELL. Well, my husband was telling me a story, and it must have been HILARIOUS, because right there in the middle of a burrito a laughing fit ensued and a button flew off of my pants and landed across the restaurant. I’m not saying the burrito was to blame. The culprit could be the nachos already in my tummy. However, this tale is not complete without noting the thread was already loose!*
   Oh, it feels good to stop hiding this incident. To's the “Bouncing Burrito Button.”

*See if you look at the picture there is no trailing thread! Further proof the thread is to blame!

Want to play along? Visit Peter Reynold’s Dot Club and celebrate International Dot Day on September 15th-ISH. 


  1. So silly!
    You know what else is a dot? Ibuprofen! Take a few and feel better soon!

    1. Ha! Yes,I hope you feel better soon too, and recommend another 'dot' I really like, a slice of ginger, or rather several steeped in hot water and drink with a bit of lemon juice and honey!

    2. It's clear that you both have had to resolve twerking tenderness before too!! love the solutions.

  2. Lauri, I'm so glad I wasn't mid-swallow when I read that the button flew across the room! LOL I LOVE your dots AND that you did them! LOL

    1. HA! It's almost a "You had to be there!" but I think anyone can appreciate (overeating tacos) a loose thread gone bad!

    2. Yep, and other things, too! lol Depends, anyone?!


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