NJ SCBWI Conference - Recommended Picture Books

I had the best weekend at the NJSCBWI Conference. My brain is so full, I can barely make sentences... but it only takes basic zombie skills to type up a list of the books I heard recommended by editors and agents.  I'm sure many of you are looking for summer reads, so enjoy! (I'm actually looking for some brains to eat...isn't that a weird craving?)

Picture Books By Author/Illustrators

Green, by Laura Vaccaro Seeger

No Fits, Nilson! by Zachariah Ohora

The  Twins Blanket, by Hyewon Yum

The Curious Garden, by Peter Brown

Penguin and Pinecone, by Salina Yoon

Zombelina, by Kristyn Crow

Island: A Story of the Galápagosby Jason Chin

LittleTug, by Stephen Savage

All Kinds of Kisses, by Nancy Tafuri 

Crankenstein, by Samantha Berger

Awesome Dawson, by Chris Gall

Pirate, Viking and Scientist, by Jared Chapman

Me, Jane, by Patrick McDonnell
I came home with this beauty from
Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen

The Best-Ever Bookworm Book, by Alice Kuipers

Martin & Mahalia: His Words, Her Songby Andrea Davis Pinkney

Picture Books By an Author and an Illustrator

Be Good to Eddie Lee, by Virgina Fleming and illustrated by Floyd Cooper

Bear has a Story to Tell, by Philip Stead and illustrated by Erin Stead

Extra Yarn, by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Jon Klassen (one of my FAVORITES)

My Snake Blake, by Randy Siegel and illustrated by Serge Bloch

if you want to see a whale, by Julie Fogliano, illustrated by Erin Stead.

Besos for Baby, by Jen Arena and illustrated by Blanca Gomez

The Dark, by Lemony Snicket and illustrated by Jon Klassen

Once Upon a Memory, by  and illustrated by Renata Liwska

Duck, Duck, Moose by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen and illustrated by Noah Jones

Chicks Run Wild, by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen and illustrated by Ward Jenkins

Dave the Potter: Artist, Poet, Slave, by Laban Hill and illustrated by Bryan Collier

Heroes of the Surf, by Elisa Carbone and illustrated by Nancy Carpenter

President Taft isStuck in the Bath, by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Chris Van  Dusen 

Whoa! That was ever so slightly more work than I had imagined, and my fingers are aching. Gotta go get some brains in this zombie to refresh!

I'll post MG, YA, and writing book recommendations in the next post. 

If you were at the conference, did you write down any other recommended books? 


  1. I didn't compile a list nearly as as complete as this one, so I'm grateful you posted it!

    Dang. You are one alarmingly organized person.

    1. Yep, my employees used to derisively call me "thorough." But I like the term "AOP" for alarmingly organized person - I'm going to own that.

    2. Thanks for the list Lauri! Can't wait to read about your experience later.

    3. Well, Romelle thanks for being so honest with your expectations! I guess I have to write about that now. But what to write? That's the thing about conferences - a complete blur and a journal full of notes. Now, the conference when I come home with a book deal or agent will be a completely different matter- I'm definitely writing about that!

  2. I was definitely scribbling on my notepad, but I'm too busy decompressing today to even consider going back upstairs to fetch it! lol If it were here next to me, I'd list them, Lauri! And considering you were playing scrabble with the letters that were spilling out over the barrel-edge of your overflowing brain, you formed a lot of words that became some relatively coherent sentences ;)

    1. My scrabble letters are often spilling over the barrel of my brain! I had to do something with those notes to get the ball rolling. :0

    2. And here I am, now that I'm near my notes. I can only offer these few from the "Cross-Genre" workshop with Joanna Cardenas:

      Heroes of the Surf by Elisa Carbone

      President Taft is Stuck in the Bath by Mac Barnett

      Miss Nelson is Missing by Harry G. Allard

  3. Lauri - great list!

    Did you attend Carter Hasegawa's nonfiction narrative workshop perchance?

    1. No, I didn't. There were so many great offerings to choose from. I heard several people say it was great though:)


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