Mash Up Match Up Game! (A New Story Idea Guaranteed)

Day 10 of PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Idea Month) brought a great idea from Diana Murray to try a mash up of ideas to create fresh new picture books.  To add structure to this inspiration, I decided to create the Birthday Mash Up Match Up Game!  

How to Play: 
By Miguel Saavedra
There are two lists below.  Find your birth month in the first listing and grab the corresponding classic golden book.   Find your birth day from the second listing and grab the corresponding movie.  Then select any elements of the stories - characters, plot, key word in title, etc. -  and mash 'em together.  The idea could be for a picture book or for whatever genre you prefer.  

For example, my birthday is December 5.  So I mashed up The Saggy Baggy Elephant and Titanic.  (Oh crapplesauce, how in the world am I going to do that?)   Okay, goes.

S.B. Elephant is the biggest elephant in the plains.  In fact he is the biggest elephant of all time!  No one and nothing can stop S.B. - until he steps on a teeny tiny needle and has the biggest pain in the plain.  How could something so small stop something so big?

Your turn!  Please share the pitch of your story in the comments so we can all be inspired!

Classic Golden Books (The Month)
1  The Monster at the End of the Book
2  The Little Engine Who Could
3 The Poky Little Puppy
4 The Little Red Hen
5 Scuffy the Tugboat
6 The Little Red Caboose
7 Lasso the Moon
8  Tawny Scrawny Lion
9 The Shy Little Kitten
10 The Sailor Dog
11 The Fire Engine Book
12 The Saggy Baggy Elephant

The Top 25 All Time Grossing Films Adjusted for Inflation (The Day)
1    Gone with the Wind      
2    Star Wars
3    The Sound of Music
4    E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial
5    Titanic  
6    The Ten Commandments
7    Jaws     
8    Doctor Zhivago 
9    The Exorcist
10  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs         
11  101 Dalmatians 
12  The Empire Strikes Back
13  Ben-Hur
14  Avatar  
15  Return of the Jedi
16  Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace      
17  The Sting
18  The Lion King
19  Raiders of the Lost Ark 
20  Jurassic Park      
21  The Graduate   
22  Fantasia              
23  The Godfather 
24  Forrest Gump   
25  Mary Poppins   
26  Grease
27  Marvel's The Avengers 
28  Thunderball       
29  The Dark Knight               
30  The Jungle Book
31  Sleeping Beauty

Please let someone with a June 9th birthday join the fun so we can see what the Little Red Caboose needs to exorcise.  Or a March 29th Dark Knight meets Little Poky Puppy - Mwahahaha!

***Thanks Laura Sassi for sharing this post - it made the front cover of Opening a Can of Bookworms Daily**


  1. Ok, first, I LOVE the word crapplesauce! I made cranberry sauce yesterday and just had all kinds of things going through my head. Ok- so my two are: The Sailor Dog (which I know nothing about) and The Avengers (I am the only one in my family who has not seen this yet and I swear I love super heroes the most!) Could Aquadog work? A superhero dog who swims and breathes and lives underwater? I know Aquaman is not in the Avengers, but as a product of the 70s, he's definitely a super hero. I don't think that was one of my better ideas, but I like the exercise. Thanks Lauri- you rock!

    1. I read your comment right before bed last night and dreamed about Aquadog ALL NIGHT LONG! I think you are on to something here. At first he looked like Underdog from the old cartoon. But then he changed to AquaPug! If you don't write a story about him for me to read, I will cry.

  2. The Little Engine That Could meets The Sound of Music:

    There once was a little train who wished he could toot on stage with the orchestra. He needed more help than he realized, and found it in the most unlikely people: the unruly children of Ithink Ican Orphanage.

    I really did enjoy the post from Diana Murray and was able to think of two pretty cool ideas from mash ups. Thanks for this fun post!

    1. LOVE THIS! Who would think of a train wanting to toot in the orchestra? You would! And the IthinkIcan Orphanage? Too good.

  3. Ha! Scuffy the Tugboat is Gone with the Wind! Perhaps a post-Sandy dystopian bedtime story. Oh, my!

    1. Oh yes! Poor Scuffy thinks he can just ride through the flood like he did last time he was out in the big wide world, but not this time. No, Hurricane Sandy is so windy it picks him right out of the bath tub and sends him hurtling through the window. The man with the polka dot tie was evacuated weeks ago - how will he find Scuffy this time? Oh the horror!!!!!

  4. Okay, here goes. The Saggy Baggy Elephant meets Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The SB Elephant comes to Snow White's rescue, unintentionally, after squishing the life out of the evil queen by sitting on her.

    (I would like to add that elephant is one of the things that kept appearing in my life yesterday. I see the synchronicity continues.)

    1. The new moon must have been in your seventh house of elephant, huh?
      I am imagining everyone makes fun of Elephant Dwarf because he is obese and not at all dwarfy. When the other animals are chasing the wicked stepmother, he's just looking for a place to chillax a while until the commotion dies down. Whomp! Killed the queen. Boom. He's a hero and gets his own properly sized bed. Nice!

  5. Hi Lauri,
    I came back to read all the other entry and realized I made a mistake! I just love The Sound of Music, but realized I didn't "play" right. What is always said? "Cheaters never prosper?" My number picks should be 2 and 26. So, I'm trying my hand with The Little Engine That Could and Grease. Gaaaaa! Okay, here goes.

    Once, not too long ago, there was a young girl who loved the disco. All her life, she made fun of ballet, until one day she was whisked away to a live performance of the The Nutcracker. She didn't believe she could ever learn to love ancient, boring music until she met the little electric train making rounds under the Christmas tree on stage.

    Unedited, first-idea-that-popped-into-my-mind birthday mash up idea:)

    1. You can still keep the first idea, which was a beauty! This one is going after the age old question "Will she hang up her black leather disco pants to be closer to the little train that she loves?" Ahh, L'amore.

    2. So, counting the two mash ups I already stashed away in PiBo notebook, that makes FOUR ideas I have come up with from the mash up post. Wow!!

      But what if she does both? Is there such thing discollet? (hmmm, has a spanish ring to it, too. ooooo! More ideas for my idea. I love it!

      My previous idea is at page 4, so how exciting!:):):)

      Can you tell I'm bubbling with excitement?

    3. Woot Woot! You have me bubbling too!

  6. This is HILARIOUS, Lauri! What a fun idea!

    1. The responses are all amazing! Get yours up here too!

  7. OK Scuppers the Sailor Dog mashed with Sleeping Beauty

    Scuppers can't wait to get back onto the ocean, sailing the salty seven seas. But alas! A jealous chihuahua foils his plans and casts an evil spell. Scupper's paw is pricked by a splinter on the ship's wheel and he falls into a deep sleep. Rocked by the waves into a calm cove, will the beautiful mermaid princess dare board his boat and smooch his whiskery muzzle?

    1. Chihuahuas are fricking wicked naughty. You don't mess with them. Poor little Scupper floating aimlessly asleep on his boat. Maybe his Fairy Fleas can notify the mermaid princess or Aquadog (see the first comment) can come to the rescue!

  8. You are amazing! That pitch is so flipping good. You should really try it. :) I'm Lasso the Moon and The Avengers. I'm not sure, but I think an evil guy is trying to Lasso the Moon and destroy the world, and only one team of superheros can stop him....

    1. And the evil guy is a rat (literally) who mistakenly believes the moon is made of cheese! And he doesn't want to lasso the moon, because he isn't a cowpoke rat. He wants to shoot it with a "laser" and let it melt onto the Grand Canyon which he has filled with nacho chips!

  9. Firewoman Mary Poppins is determined to solve a series of arsons occurring around Merry Ol' England. As the evidence piles up, however, she fears that the culprit may be her sooty friend with the bad Cockney accent Dick Van Dyke.

    1. Hunh! Oh I never suspected it was Dick Van Dyke, but it makes sense with his cover as a chimney sweep. I love this vision of Mary Poppins as Sherlock Holmes! Perhaps she even pulls random things out of her carpet bag to use in a MacGyver type way.


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