You Yeller-Bellied Chicken, Tell People Already

Confession time.  I have only told three people I am becoming a writer: my mom, my aunt, and my husband.    I want to be a writer.  I am studying and practicing.  I am committed. 

"So why ain't you told no one yet, you yeller-bellied chicken?" you ask.

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(deep breath)  I don't want to publicly be a "writer" who doesn't turn into an "author."

I have always operated on a "need to know basis".    My husband does not.   By the time he leaves the grocery store, the cashier knows he is from Buffalo, loves chicken wings, but gave them up for lent.  Seriously?  You don't even know this lady.  She could be a, well, I don't know what she could be.  But not everyone needs to know you like chicken wings.

So building my social media platform this month (MNINB Platform Challenge) is an exciting and terrifying experience.  There is a Lauri Meyers (SAHM/Financial Manager) on Facebook and LinkedIn who has yet to meet the Lauri Meyers (Writer) living down the street on Twitter and Blogger.  To complete the challenge I have to arrange a play date for them- which makes me feel about as comfortable as changing my clothes in the locker room. 

Besides being publicly naked, here are the Top 3 Responses I Fear:
1.  "Would you like me to read something you wrote?"  Thanks but no thanks.  There is no need to be in a situation where we both have to lie to each other about my writing abilities and your editing qualifications.  
2. "That will be a nice break from the challenge of corporate work."  Yeah, because the process of writing, editing, and publishing while two wild children run around is a walk in the park.
3.  "That is great that you can make something out of being a stay at home mom."  Oh no you didn't.

Top 3 Things I Will Probably Hear if I Stop Being Chicken:
1.  "I am excited for you!  I remember you writing all the time in school." (Classmates)
2. "You were always too creative to be buried in all those spreadsheets.  Let me know if I can help you network." (Colleagues)
3. "You are going to kick that book's A$%!" (My BFF has a way with words)

That does it.  By the end of this month's challenge, this yeller-bellied gal is going to be a writer.  Publicly.


  1. Awesome! I totally relate to everything you said here. I'm a SAHM with two toddlers and a writer, with plans to become an author. We can do this!!

  2. Me too! Did you hear me shouting that after I read each and everyone of your points? Glad to have found you and your voice through the #MNINB clan.

  3. Good for you, Lauri! I hear you about the transition into calling yourself a writer. The most surprising comment I received was: "Oh, I've always wanted to be a writer, too."
    The most common one is: "Oh, have you published anything yet?" That's a whole other story.

  4. I'm on the "way to go!" bandwagon, too. And I, too, am a big chicken. Glad for #MNINB and the April Challenge. It helped me find courage to do what I've always wanted to do: write.

    Best, best, best thoughts and wishes to you, Lauri!

  5. Love this post, Lauri! I'm right there with you, even as a SAHM (3 boys). Up 'til now, my writing has been tucked safely away in the closet, and now it's soon to be out there in the world. It is scary, and who knows what horribly misguided remarks may be coming my way! (And they will...I am related to a number of blunt people, for better or worse.) But I'm also excited because I really love writing, and why shouldn't my passion be out there for everyone to see, regardless of where it leads me? Great post!

  6. I guess everyone goes through these feelings early in their writing career. You are a writer to all of us at #MNINB! So say it with pride and declare, "I am a writer...and a darn good one!" You don't have to be a book author to be called a writer. You have a blog of published articles, so there! :o)

  7. Love this post! :-D

    I've been a "Writer" since I began blogging in 2002.

    I'm committed to trying to learn ways to do more than just blog.

    My cats, and I are poets, humorists, and storytellers.

    My sisters don't understand me.

    Thye don't understand that the type of writing I do can lead to something else, such as joining the community of real published authors of cat themed books.

    When they talk about my "commitment" they mention straightjackets. :-D

  8. Wow, you've made me feel better. I've been feeling so intimidated about my lack of writing experience. I've always loved writing. It's my most comfortable medium of communication, much easier than talking to someone face to face ;~). But, I've never had anything published with a byline. I do mostly just do copy writing for websites. (Well there was something in my college English Department's little booklet for one spring semester, but even I don't remember what it was.)

    It helps to know there are others in the #MNINB group who are rank beginners as well. Together we will climb to the pinnacle of the mountain named "Publication."

  9. I think today is the day I changed LinkedIn profession to "writer!"

  10. So, you already know that I love your blog, but here's more proof.

    I hope you like it!!

  11. Today's post from Jane Friedman is a great one for thinking more deeply about the topic of your post!

    1. Cathy - you are right. Her message that not communicating is basically not committing is a strong one. thank you for being my 20th follower!

  12. Yay, Lauri! Keep moving forward and you can beat the odds. Someday I'll have a guest post that tells how.

    1. Ooh google+ me on that post when you figure out the secret handshake!!!

  13. I am excited for you and I do remember you writing all the time in school, but that was not my first reaction when I found out you had left corporate America. On one hand I was completely shocked and on the other hand, I thought to myself, I can totally see you as a writer. I have just always known you to be a person who set goals and you do not let anyone or anything deter you from accomplishing those goals. It appears your goals have changed, but I have no doubt the determination is unchanged. I also have no doubt that if you have set your goals on becoming a successful writer then that is exactly what you will do.

    1. Thanks anonymous friend! That really made my day. *chanting* I can do it! I can do it!


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