My Dirty Girls Dancing in the Dust

            I refer to my children as the "dirty girls."  I can't turn around for a second without some crazy calamity occurring.  Unfortunately, I have yet to learn this lesson, and I turn around "for one second" too often.  My penalty for loose parenting is an obscene amount of stained laundry, cheeseball-faced children, and frequently wet socks. 
            The girls were on point this week.  I shook out a blanket in the living room to fold it.   The living room has a large bay window which lets in lovely morning sun.  I hear the 4-year-old yell "ooh, sparkles."   I looked to see her dancing in a cloud of sparkles.  Except they weren't sparkles.  They were dust particles glittering in the sun.  Awesome.  Did I mention I also have loose cleaning skills?
            It was a nice day, so we played in the sandbox.  I was on top of my mom game and had them take their shoes off.   Score 1 for Mom.  As usual I turned my back for just a second to pick up sticks.   When I checked back, I found two smiling girls and four shoes filled with sand. Score 2 for the Dirty Girls.