Monday, June 11, 2012

A Princess Book for REAL Girls

My 4 year old loves to read princess books.  Her current favorite goes something like "A Princess is smart...she reads lots of books.   A princess is kind...she cares for animals.   A princess is brave...she stands up to the evil queen."

My daughter says she is a princess, too.  She is brave and smart and kind...most of the time.  But she is also a Dirty Girl, so I wrote a more realistic book for her:    

A princess is smart...She can reach the cookies with a stool.
A princess is polite ... She says excuse me after farting at the table.
A princess is fair ... If she can't have the pink marker, no one can.
A princess is neat ...She eats her boogers after picking her nose.
A princess likes to dress up ...She wears her fanciest dress for digging up worms.
A princess is brave...She asks Daddy for Play Doh after Mommy has already said no. 
A princess says please...She screams PLEASE GIVE ME MORE CANDY NOW!
A princess shares...She gives her sister the lollipop she just dropped in the dirt.
And a princess always makes her Mommy laugh.

Lauri Meyers, Children's Writer
Sure, princess culture might have made pink and purple her favorite colors, but she is still her own girl.  And I wouldn't have it any other way.  (Except the booger eating; I need to work on that.)


  1. Great stuff, Lauri! I have a booger-eating, fancy-dress-wearing, daddy-asking, color-pink-loving princess, too. She's a pirate princess. So there's that.

    1. if there was a kids black market, boogers would be like $1000/ounce.


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